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I20 Ultra Max Smartwatch Suit with Airpods

I20 Ultra Max Smartwatch Suit with Airpods

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  • 3D Display
  • Different Wallpapers
  • Always on Display
  • 3 Different Menu Styles
  • Waterproof
  • Gesture Control
  • 2.1 inches Big Amoled Display
  • Lag free Menu
  • Tons Of 3D Watch Faces
  • All 3 Buttons Working
  • Calling Enabled
  • Red Dot Notification
  • Custom Wallpaper
  • Contacts sync like orignal
  • Compass Working
  • Complete messages with Emojis
  • Best animations, transition, interface

Introducing the i20 ULTRA MAX SUIT SmartWatch + Airpods Pro with Transparent Screen Guard Watch and Seven Decorated Straps – Your Ultimate Tech Buddy!

See Clearly: The SmartWatch's display is super clear, making it easy to check messages and track your fitness journey.

Your Multitool: This watch does a lot! It plays music, responds to your touch, and follows your commands through an easy app.

Life's Essentials: Your new buddy comes with a compass, calendar, alarm clock, and enough power to last. Plus, you can control things remotely right from your wrist.

Your Health Comes First: Set your goals, use tools to help with exercise, check your heart rate, and see how well you're sleeping.

Stay Connected: Never miss calls or messages. Get reminders and notifications right on your wrist, and even answer calls without touching your phone.

Navigate with Style: Your SmartWatch is easy to control with just a flick of your wrist.

Express Yourself: Pick from seven cool straps to match your style.

Upgrade your tech with the i20 ULTRA MAX SUIT SmartWatch + Airpods Pro. It's not just a gadget; it's a friend that gets you and your style. Get yours today for a personalized, tech-savvy life.

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